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Did Justin Bieber Ruin Sofia Richie’s Birthday?

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Ok, so on top of having a very interesting couple of weeks, she’s keeping it going by celebrating her 18th birthday but can we blame Bieber?
Justin Bieber’s new bae was 17-years-old when the whole Justin-Instagram-gate went down just a couple weeks ago and now it’s time to celebrate her 18th birthday! But, bad news bears, Sophia was sick! She snapped this pic at the doctor’s office with the caption, “Of course I’m sick before my birthday…Anything else want to go wrong?”
Damn Sophia, that sucks but there COULD be a lot worse things to happen on your birthday like a public Instagram fight between some ex’s over a new girlfriend and some Internet hate? Just kidding, everyone. It is unfortunate that she was sick, but she was seen at Bieber’s just BEFORE going to the doctor so is it possible that Bieber was to blame for the sickness? We’re just speculating, he probably wasn’t the culprit, he hasn’t uttered a word on social media about his new gf or anything about a sickness. And apparently, Sophia wasn’t sick enough to stay in on her birthday night! Lionel Richie’s daughter rallied and was seen out with friends later that night.
There was no Insta post about Bieber on her b-day, but she did post this very sweet pic of her brother with a bit of the caption saying QUOTE: “…Thank you for never turning your back on me and always being my rock. Come home so I can have a hug and feel right again. So blessed to have someone like you in my life”

So now I want to hear from you, what do you think of Sohpia’s sick birthday? Let me know in the comment section below or follow me on all the social medias @rudeunicorns. After you’re done with that click right over here to get debatable over who had the best VMA dress and be sure to subscribe to our channel. Thanks for hanging with me here on Clevver News. I’m Sarah Whittle. See ya next time!

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5 thoughts on “Did Justin Bieber Ruin Sofia Richie’s Birthday?

  1. Clevver news is always blaming Zayn and Justin for everything,and on the
    other hand they are always kissing Taylor’s ass…unsubscribed

  2. it’s funny how justin posts on twitter or instagram happybday to selena but
    with sofia he hasnt said anything lmaov

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