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Demi Lovato Jokes About Grammy Loss & Plays Sumo Suit Heads Up With Ellen

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Sadly for Demi Lovato, she wasn’t a big winner at the Grammys a couple weeks ago, but at least she killed it on Ellen, right?
Aside from being a winner at Su’Move It, Move It on Ellen, Demi revealed she’s also a winner at love and life!
Demi stopped by the Ellen Show to talk about all things Grammys, her man and her upcoming documentary that she’s executive producing, but sitting around and chatting about her life wasn’t all Demi did on Ellen. However, before we get into all the fun and games, let me give you a rundown of Demi’s appearance on the show.
It was a BIG night for Demi at the Grammys this year. The singer was a part of an incredible tribute performance to the Bee Gees and she was nominated for her very first Grammy award! Demi had some pretty tough competition and she revealed to Ellen that her mom unfortunately didn’t have much faith when it came to her daughter winning the award.
But even though Demi assumed Adele would win in her category, it still didn’t stop her from holding out for a possible upset.
You may have not been a winner at the Grammys, Demi, but you’re a winner in our hearts.
The conversation then moved on from the Grammys to the topic of Demi’s hot new boyfriend. Demi admitted that she does get nervous when her boyfriend – who’s an MMA fighter – steps into the ring, but at the same time she doesn’t feel tooo bad because hey, he chose to do it and it is a sport! In the end though, Dems couldn’t help but gush about her boo.
Demi also discussed her upcoming documentary project that she’s executive producing. The singer revealed that the documentary follows three different people who are living and thriving in life with a mental health condition. The singer also added that she was bi-polar herself and is successfully living life with it and that all in all, that’s the goal for everyone who is struggling with a mental illness.
And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, Demi and Ellen going head to head in Su’Move It, Move It. Let’s be honest here, this was just heads-up in sumo wrestler form, and I have to say, Demi pretty much killed it when it was her turn to guess Ellen’s movements.
See? She got three in less than 15 seconds, that has to be a record, right?
Anyway, what did you guys think of Demi’s chat with Ellen? Were you hoping she’d win a Grammy too? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below! When you’re done with that, click right over here to watch JLo talk about Harry Styles on Ellen and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Thanks for hanging out with me on Clevver News, I’m your host Meghan Lamontagne and I’ll see ya later!

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4 thoughts on “Demi Lovato Jokes About Grammy Loss & Plays Sumo Suit Heads Up With Ellen

  1. I was watching The Grammys just to see Demi win or be there and, well, I assumed that she was just there for the BeeGees performance that I had no idea that she was even nominated or I thought I misheard or something. Disappointed that she lost, however, I’m relieved that I didn’t miss out on her winning after all. 🙂

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