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Christina Grimmie “Invisible” Song Teaser Released & Before You Exit Releases Tribute Song

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The beautifully angelic Christina Grimmie lives on through her family and music team by gracing us with new music
Gone too soon, but Christina’s loved ones are making sure her legacy and voice live on
The world lost a beautiful talent far too soon but her legacy lives on as promised by her family and music team. A new song of Christina’s called, Invisible, will be released on Valentines day. Her family released this teaser of the song to Christina’s instagram, take a listen:
Her family captioned the Instagram post, ““Team Grimmie, Thank you for all of your support over the years, and patience in the last 6 months. We love you so much.”

Recently, The pop rock band, Before You Exit, made up of brothers Connor, Riley, and Toby; released a new song for their dear friend. The brothers had been on tour with Christina this past summer when tragedy struck. The song is entitled Clouds dedicated to Christina. The song refers to Christina as their sister and touches on her optimistic personality.
Connor took to his twitter and wrote quote, “Christina, you will forever be an inspiration and a light to us all “We love you so much.” The band plans to donate all of the songs proceeds to The Grimmie family.

We welcome you to share your emotions and feelings on both of these beautiful songs in the comment section below, and after that click over here to see emotional youtuber coming out stories on Listed. Thank you for tuning in, I’m your host Meghan Lamontagne and I’ll catch you later.

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6 thoughts on “Christina Grimmie “Invisible” Song Teaser Released & Before You Exit Releases Tribute Song

  1. I keep re-watching her audition on the voice over and over again and it
    always has me in tears. I can’t believe that this talented woman passed
    away. She had so much talent and she had such a beautiful heart. Those
    animals we call human beings never seize to amaze me.

    1. Someone you can still get to know through tens of thousands of videos here
      on youtube by her or about her, and many social media posts by her or many
      other famous and not famous people.

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