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Celebrity Talk Show | Dhallywood hot Actress Dighi, Munmuni! Bangla New Movie Interview |

Bangladeshi little actress name is Prarthona Fardin Dighi. Dighi is very popular in Bangladesh film industry. She is now child. Bd small actress Dighi popular acting is movie Chchu. After Chchu she is very popular litter actress in Bandladesh. Bangladeshi child model Dighi also popular television model was Grameen phone advertisement. Dipjol and Dighi both are acting some movies. One time Dighi father and mother was very popular actor and actress in Bangladesh. Dighi mother is now ill. Dighi also model of Medhi television advertisement. Dighi is first people choice popular small girl actress in Bangladesh.
Little sweet girl Prarthona Dighi
Her acting has started Kabuliwala movies that was directed Kazi Hayat in 2005. Her acting movies are Kabuliwala, Ek takar bou, Chachchu Amar Chachchu, Shwami Vaggyo, Oshikkhito Sele with Shakib Khan, Apu Bishwash, Razzak, Miju Ahmed and so on. Dighi is very popular actress and also more favorite to directors, producers, actor and actress. Prarthona Fardin Dighi comes after in film, directors and producers are very eagerly to do working by her and very successfully. She wants to look at herself as a famous celebrity. To watch her cinema, viewers are very got pleasurable. Besides, viewers are wanted to watch her cinema daily. Dighi has earned viewers mind at a little time.

Prarthona Fardin Dighi favorite star
She has worked with Ferdous, Manna, Shakib khan, Romana, Shabnur and more became successful. From the first time she has gift different cinema for viewers. Moreover, Shubroto and Doyel are her parents. Both of them are actor and actress. It is a matter of the sorrow that her mother was died on 29th December, 2011 by affected cancer. She is continued her profession. In the future, she will also gift better cinema. Prarthona Fardin Dighi has got national and others prizes.

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