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Celebrity Crush Song (By Belany)

Lately my soul has been taken over by BTS (especially Jungkook) so I wrote this song last night in response to it all. The song is acapella cause it was hard to find chords to go with it ahaha. As much as I love BTS, THESE 7 BOYS HAVE BEEN CAUSING ME TOO MUCH EMOTIONAL STRESS. Also, my grades have been suffering :’)
Watch their new MV “Not Today” if you haven’t already.


Ohhh crap
I’ve fallen in love
with someone who’ll never love me back (again)
I’m sooo bad
at controlling myself
Day and night I think of him and think of nothing else

Tell me how to get out of this situation
I’m wasting time on something that will never happen
Someone pull me out of this obsession
Before reality kicks in

But I have already fallen too deep so now, I’ve
Written this song to vent out my frustration
At life and everything
Why must I love a celebrity?
I am not asking for much
Please just come and help me
Make my dreams fit in more with reality

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