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Camila Cabello TEASES “Hey Mama” Collab With Pitbull & J.Balvin In New Music Video BTS

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It’s been nothing short of an incredibly busy year for Camila Cabello. We’re barely two months in, and our girl has a single out with Cashmere Cat, and is already hard at work on a brand new collab with Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull, and Colombian pop superstar, J. Balvin.
Camila took to her Twitter to tease us all about the new collab, sharing one pic of her, Pitbull, and J. Balvin side by side of a solo shot of her holding the Cuban flag. She captioned the snaps ‘Pa mi gente Latina stand up’ and that car looks like it’s straight off the streets of Cuba, so something tells us we’re in for a major hit with these three.
Luckily for us, we didn’t have to wait too long to hear what’s in store, thanks to a few behind the scenes clips of their music video shoot that have already made their way online.
In the first vid, we see Mr. Worldwide rocking out in front of some seriously nice looking sports cars and some pretty nice looking ladies, too.
And another vid shows Camila dancing with J. Balvin, and based on just this little snippet, it’s probably safe to say that this video is gonna be hot.
Oh yeah, these three are about to have another hit. For now, we’ll have to wait until the song is officially released but a few fan sites are already reporting that we can hear this new jam on the soundtrack for the upcoming Fast & Furious movie, which is set to hit theatres in April!
What do you guys think of Camila’s new collab with Pitbull & J. Balvin? Share your thoughts in the comments below and then click right here to hear why 5th Harmony is so over Camila Cabello on Completely Weekly, and of course, don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for hanging out with me! I’m Sinead de Vries, and I”ll see you guys next time.

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5 thoughts on “Camila Cabello TEASES “Hey Mama” Collab With Pitbull & J.Balvin In New Music Video BTS

  1. Camila is doing collaborations to beat her name into the public before she releases her first *real* solo single, so that people will actually pay attention and buy/stream it. Along with the magazine covers, presenting at the Grammys, etc., her image is spreading farther. She has a plan and is executing it perfectly so far. If you’re saying she’s unsuccessful because she didn’t toss out a lead single the day after leaving 5H and her album a week after that, be glad you aren’t developing any artists. Your promo plan *sucks*. Mind you, Bad Things *just* tied Work From Home, and that was the song she had out when she decided to leave 5H. I know it might hurt that she’s gone, but she’s clearly going to be successful.

  2. Seems like the people working with her are like “Hey lets just do a bunch of collabs like Ariana Grande did it worked for her!”. She knows she has fans and a good voice so she’s going to do a ton of collabs to assure she wont ‘flop’ once she starts releasing her own stuff. More power to her, I will keep stanning 5H though.

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