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Camila Cabello Sings SOLO Covers Of Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift with Jake Miller

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Camilla Cabello is giving us all a look at what her solo career would look like, covering Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and even collabing with Jake Miller.
We all know the rumors circling around Camilla and the Fifth Harmony universe…. but is her solo career almost inevitable at this point?
Back in June, Camilla tweeted out a few emojis that were sent to producer Cashmere, and now there are rumors going around that it was a major clue pointing at her solo career. The emoji was of a rose, and now fans are speculating that it might just be the name of her new song that is supposedly dropping THIS Friday. Thanks to this three second snippet of a tweet, we’re all getting a little glimpse into the future.

Hmm, okay we’re not sure what to think of these rumors…but if this is true, we’re totally into it and want to hear more. In the meantime, Camilla has taken up some guitar lessons and things are getting pretty serious. Fifth Harmony’s touring guitarist, Ashlee Juno, has been teaching Camilla a thing or two, and I’ve got to say her skills are pretty epic. She’s even been hanging backstage with Jake Miller- who’s currently on tour with the girl group- covering songs like Ed Sheeran’s “Tenerife Sea.”
Jake captioned the video “pre show jam sesh” on Instagram, so does that mean we might get an official collab from the two of them in the future? We can only dream. But wait, there’s even more clips of them covering one of our favorite Taylor Swift songs.
Okay, this is all giving me major feels right now. Earlier today, Camilla posted ANOTHER video to Twitter, obviously showing us that those lessons are really paying off. Okay, I want to know what YOU guys think about all of this. After Fifth Harmony’s tour is over in September, will Camilla go off on her own? And how would you feel about a collab between her and Jake Miller? Let me know right down here in the comments section below. As always, you can find me on all the socials, @MiriamIsa. Then, click right over here to get debatable over who had the best VMA dress and be sure to subscribe. Thanks for hanging with me here on Clevver News. I’m Miriam Isa. See you next time!

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5 thoughts on “Camila Cabello Sings SOLO Covers Of Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift with Jake Miller

  1. tbh idc wat anyone says but i feel like she would be 10x more successful
    without the group holding her back. Its not that the group isnt talented
    its just that i feel they have grown apart as artists and theyve developed
    their own music taste therefore maybe separating is for the best i mean i
    would listen to all there music individually

  2. yo, stop stirring up rumours like for real. I love the clevver family but
    stop with the 5h breaking up rumours. when they break up, then talk about
    it, but for now just get over it.

  3. I really hope that she doesn’t go solo anytime soon but if she does I would
    support her. Yeah I might be a little hurt… alright REALLY hurt! Anyway
    why do people assume she’s going solo anyway?!?!?! She does a few covers
    solo for a little bit of fun! Give the girl a break! All the girls do their
    own thing outside the group! So just give it a rest!!!!!

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