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Camila Cabello Says She Hasn’t Spoken To Fifth Harmony Since Her Exit & Gets Candid In Billboard

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Camila spilled the tea on her relationship with Fifth Harmony after she left in her Billboard feature and let’s just say the girls aren’t on good terms with each other.
No one’s really surprised by Camila’s reveal of a broken relationship between herself and her former bandmates of Fifth Harmony. In her lengthy Billboard feature, the singer opened up about the rift between herself and Fifth Harmony, life after leaving the successful girl group, and her feelings on being a solo artist.
In the feature, Camila revealed that she hasn’t been in touch with anyone in the girl group since they announced her departure. The singer sadly revealed that while she did try to reach out to the group, she didn’t want to open up that chapter of her life again because QUOTE, “it was really intense and it’s really hard for me to talk about it. It makes me sad.”
The singer admitted that she cried a lot after breaking up with the group, but eventually got over it because she realized there are worse things happening in other parts of the world and that the drama of leaving Fifth Harmony is such a minor thing in comparison to all of that.
Camila also opened up about her inner battle about whether or not she should soldier on as a member of Fifth Harmony. She said QUOTE, “The easiest route would be to shut my mouth, sing the songs, wear the clothes and keep going, you know? I mean, [we were] at the peak of our career. It’s definitely not the safe option. I have it in my DNA. The way my mom raised me, it has always been: Don’t settle. Jump and hope you grow wings on the way down.”
So, that’s exactly what she did. The former 5H member jumped and although her solo endeavors during her time in the group proved to be successful, Camila understands that her solo career will constantly be compared to her time in the group.
She said QUOTE, “I know people will try and turn this into, ‘Is she going to be more successful outside the group?’ To me, if I’m in the studio every day and I’m growing as an artist and I’m speaking from my heart, that’s success. The results don’t matter. I mean, isn’t that the goal?”
Camila’s solo album is scheduled to make its debut this fall and according to Billboard, a good chunk of the singer’s debut album will sound like a blend of Rihanna’s ‘Anti,’ Alicia Keys’ 2007 hit ‘No One,’ and a little bit of Shakira and of course Cuban music thrown into the mix.
Those who stand behind Camila like Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid, have no doubt that the singer will be a successful solo artist.
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  1. See’s still using fifth harmony as a way to stay relevant like talk about your music and leave fifth harmony in the past since you left.

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