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Calvin Harris Shades Taylor Swift In MTV VMA 2016 Acceptance Speech

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Just when we thought all the drama was over, the MTV VMA’s reignites some drama between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris! #Juicy
It was the shade heard around the world when Calvin Harris gave his Best Male Video acceptance speech via video for his music video “This is what you came for” with Rihanna. Calvin thanked the director of the music video and Rihanna from the “bottom of his heart” but apparently there was no room in his heart for Nils Sjöberg…aka his ex bae, Taylor Swift.
Ok, so quickest rundown ever of the drama in case you forgot, but seriously how could you. Back in the hayday of Tayvin they collaborated on the song, “This is what you came for” but bc T-Swift wanted to be low-key she wrote under the pseudonym, Nils Sjoberg or however you say that, haha. THEN after they broke up, and HiddleSwift dominated the news, T-Swizzle’s people came out and said she wrote it, trying to take all the credit for the track. This obviously irked Calvin, because what happened to be “low-key” and also, it was collaboration so Calvin made the case that he very much had a huge part in the song’s creation.
Back to MTV VMAs, Calvin DID only thank Rihanna and the director of the video, so there were a thousand other people that were a big part of the video that he didn’t thank. SOOOO, him thanking Taylor could be no big deal or a HUGE shade towards his ex.
On Twitter opinions are up in the air. Some say it was well deserved and others say it was super unprofessional, but at the end of the day, the world may never really know if he was throwing that shade or not. Either way, Calvin won two Moonmen last night and technically, T-Swift can add one of them to her list of many many awards.
So now, I want to hear from you guys – are you Team Taylor or Team Calvin when it comes to this shade? Or do you think people are just blowing this wayyyyy out of proportion? Let me know in the comment section below or tweet, Insta or Snapchat me @rudeunicorns! And when you’re done click over here to watch our Dirty Laundry episode from the VMAs. Be sure to subscribe and thank you so much for hanging out with me, I’m your host Sarah Whittle and I’ll see ya next time.

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5 thoughts on “Calvin Harris Shades Taylor Swift In MTV VMA 2016 Acceptance Speech

  1. This is pure bullshit. No shade happened here. So what if he didn’t thank
    Taylor Swift? There were so many other people he didn’t thank and even if
    he did thank everyone why would he need to thank Taylor Swift? She’s just a
    backstabbing bitch who always wants to be in the spotlight and uses
    everyone for her advantage

  2. this channel has been reaching at any bullshit they can for views and
    making crap up, if that offends you my bad, I’m just trying to
    #expressmyself like celebrities do (on every DHR)

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