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Blac Chyna Tweets Out Rob Kardashian’s Number To Prevent WHAT?

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First Rob tweeted out Kylie Jenner’s number, now Blac Chyna tweeted Rob’s? What’s going on with the Kardashian klan this week?…

Rob Kardashian might’ve just learned a big lesson about monogamy. That if you don’t put a stop to other bitches texting you- Blac Chyna WILL. She tweeted out a very simple tweet with 3 words and 10 digits. The tweet said “Rob Kardashian Number” and it actually included Rob’s cell number. Rob was forced to disconnect the number and get a new one shortly after the tweet was posted.

As for the reasoning behind Chyna’s devious decision, she set things straight on snapchat while Rob was standing right beside her… and, if you listen carefully, you can even hear his phone in the background… completely BLOWING up.

Well that’s one sure-fire way NO more females will be textin’ your man any time soon. Cuz he changed his number. And if you’re wondering whether or not this digit slip will be the final straw between the couple’s already rocky relationship, don’t worry, Chyna clarified in another video that they are A-okay.

Just a few days ago Rob tweeted out Kylie Jenner’s phone number after drama ensued surrounding a baby shower. He wrote, “Didn’t invite the Mother of my child to a baby shower you all were trying to throw for me? You all must have lost your damn minds.” Here’s hoping they all find their way and sing kum-bah-ya together soon cuz family is family.

But I’m curious to know your thoughts on Chyna’s tactics, do you think it was too harsh, or do you think her tweet was totally justified? Are Rob and Blac Chyna gonna last?! Comment below, click here to watch us get monster makeovers on an all new Beauty Trip to Knotts Scary Farm. I’m your girl Miriam Isa and hit me up on my socials! @Miriamisa or on IG @Miriam_isa and have a Freaky Friday my friends.

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