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Beyonce’s Coachella Plans Still In Motion With TWO Big Surprises In the Works

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It’s CONFIRMED, Beyonce and her twins will still show up to perform at Coachella.
Never doubt the queen, she’s powerful and will follow through.
Once news broke of Beyonce’s pregnancy, the world first stopped, and then once we could finally form thoughts again we immediately started thinking about those Coachella tickets we purchased to see HER perform at the festival… A lot of people started to freak out that Beyonce would indeed cancel her set due to the news but I’m here to tell you she’ll still be on that stage giving us life.
TMZ has reported She has “no intention of canceling,” saying she even booked two guest artists to join her on stage, both of which knew well before last week’s announcement that she was pregnant. As TMZ noted, Beyonce didn’t reveal when she’s expecting, but based on photos the singer posted of her pregnant belly on Instagram last week, it’s likely she’ll be in her third trimester when Coachella rolls around.
Apparently Coachella music festival producers have had no contact with Beyonce since her pregnancy announcement, but they are NOT making alternate plans. A Source involved with the planning has stated that it’s a slippery slope for them to start inquiring whether a pregnant woman can perform… They are aware her first pregnancy was high-risk and even required bed rest, but I’m sure Beyonce knew going into Coachella talks that she had something cooking. I’m sure everything will be JUST fine!
Like I said before she has TWO guests joining her on stage, which I’m assuming may be the girls of Destiny’s Child… (That’s my guess and has in no way been confirmed) However it is said that she’s already booked accommodations for her and her guests!!!!!
I do of course want to know what all of you are thinking about Beyonce’s Coachella performance. Do you think she’ll show up, and if so… Who do you think are the other artists she’s bringing along with her? Let’s talk about it in the comment section below, and of couse subscribe to our channel while you’re here. I’m Ryland Adams. Thanks for hanging, I’ll see you next time.

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4 thoughts on “Beyonce’s Coachella Plans Still In Motion With TWO Big Surprises In the Works

  1. the first surprise she’s going to give birth live on stage. 2nd she will
    perform floating on a bed while slaying pretty hurts.

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