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Best Ariana Grande Video of 2016: “Side to Side” vs. “Into You”

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And we’re putting Ariana Grande’s videos side to side! Was “Into You” or “Side to Side” Ariana’s top music video of the year? This is Clevver’s Best of 2016!
There’s no denying Ariana’s music video game got turned WAY UP this year!
While Ariana Grande doesn’t like her romantic life to be a main topic of interviews, she doesn’t seem to have an issue with it taking center stage in her music videos! This year Ari dropped a super SEXY video and a fiercely FLIRTY video, and we need your help picking Ariana’s best music video of 2016!
That was Ariana’s visual for her single “Into You” and has been viewed an impressive three hundred and eight MILLION times so far. The video concept involves Ariana and her secret lover running away on his motorcycle into the desert. The two spend an evening flirting at Honeymoon Inn while making out, drinking out of red solo cups, play cards, and cuddling. SPOILER! At the end of the video we find out her lover is actually her security guard, and the two ditched Ariana’s pretentious boyfriend at some fancy party.

Ari’s style in this video has Coachella vibes written all over it! She sings in the desert sun wearing cutoffs, a black bra and a crochet top. At night the singer switches into her laid back girlfriend clothes that include ripped jeans and a black hoodie.

There’s no true dance choreography in “Into You” but Ariana seduces us while posing in the desert and her hair perfectly blows in the wind. Did we mention just HOW hot her love interest is in the video? Okay. Just making sure we covered that.

Next up, we have Ariana’s “Side to Side” music video and the hidden meaning that comes with it.

“Side to Side” has been viewed a whopping three hundred and eighty MILLION times on YouTube and we can definitely see why. This video is completely opposite of “Into You” which takes place outdoors. The “Side to Side” video literally interprets the lyrics of the song as we watch Ariana lead a spin class moving her body side to side. But we’re not totally sure that’s what the song lyrics actually mean- we’ll let you fill in the blank yourself!

The entire “Side to Side” clip screams sex appeal and sees Ariana in fitness mode first cycling, then in the locker room, and in the boxing studio. Nicki Minaj cameos for a couple rap verses and the ladies take over the sauna, complete with nude male Ken dolls. Nicki and Ariana’s girlmance is on fire as they blow bubblegum together and whisper in each other’s ears.

Style wise Ariana take some major risks in this video by reinventing the visor, while biking in a bikini and tiny green shorts. Her locker room look takes glam to the next level wearing oversized pink boxing shorts, a black bra, and stilettos. And even though she’s totally covered up, we loved Ari’s boxing robe look as well as her hot pink bikini she dons in the sauna. Even with her makeup Ariana went daring, by ditching her usual cat eye for super smokey eyes.

“Side to Side” catches Ariana doing more choreography than in any other video, not to mention on a BIKE, all in unison, which seems infinitely harder. Ari gets her solo in by grinding in the locker room and totally nails it.

Okay guys- now for which video is Ariana’s best of 2016? It’s a tough call but we think “Side to Side” edges out “Into You” due to the over-the-top concept, styling, dancing, huge amount of sass, and sexiness. Not to mention the video starts with a signature Ariana hair flip.

Tell us which video YOU think is Ariana’s best of 2016? Leave a comment below and then check out this video for a debate of Ariana’s best boyfriend. I’m your host Paulina Cerilla I’ll see you soon. Thanks for watching Clevver’s Best of 2016!

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