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Bella Thorne Gets ATTACKED By One Direction Fans After Instagram Comment To Louis Tomlinson

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If there’s one fire you definitely don’t want to get caught in the middle of, it’s one started by the wrath of Directioners. Louis Tomlinson posted a photo on instagram yesterday posed with a new girl group he’s rumored to be managing with the simple caption – “Exciting.” Then Bella Thorne said the unthinkable. I must warn you that her comment is graphic and should only be viewed and heard with caution. She commented QUOTE – “aww.” I know, seriously such a monster. Obviously I’m kidding, that’s all she said and fans are literally freaking the eff out. Louis’s loyal fans started leaving follow up comments like – “stay in your own damn lane honey.” “execute yourself.” “pls don’t take him he’s pure.” And “don’t go near him bc 1D fandom will kill.” They even started leaving threatening and hurtful comments on Bella’s page just in case she didn’t get the memo. And you would think that they stopped there but nope, they took it to Twitter saying things like QUOTE – “Bella Thorne better get her cheating, gross, ass back to her own lane or else there’s gonna be a problem. He’s taken hun…nice try though.” People continued with the bullying that consisted of an array of slut shaming and accusing Bella of wanting to hook up with Louis now that he is rumored to be single after reportedly splitting up with his girlfriend Danielle Campbell.
Bella has since responded to the hate with a tweet saying QUOTE – “Hahahahaha got your panties all in a bunch. me being a little pot stir as usual #littledevil let me live my life yo!!! Go live yours.”
I get it that fans feel strongly about their celeb crush and don’t like to see them with any woman, but guys, Namaste. I want to hear what you think Bella’s intentions were by leaving a comment on Louis’s post and if you think the reaction from fans was a bit harsh. Sound off in the comment section below and then click right over here if you’re curious to know how Zayn and Gigi spent Valentine’s Day. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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5 thoughts on “Bella Thorne Gets ATTACKED By One Direction Fans After Instagram Comment To Louis Tomlinson

  1. In the #Directioners defense the reason why they are so defensive because she dumped Greg Sulken for #TeenWolf Tyler Posey. Then she cheated on T-Pose with Charlie Puth and then when they both dumped her out of anger she hacked all 3 of those x’s. But Bella was mad at T-Pose the most because he completely ghosted her out so she not only leaked his nude pics but she also leaked most of the guys from the cast of #TeenWolf too. On a side note she might have also hacked her co-star Keith Powers but not for the same reasons. See ever since the success of the #NES Keith has become more popular and now everyone wants to watch #FamousInLove for him and not Bella. So supposedly out of jealously she hack not only Keith’s account but his other cast members from the #NES were also hacked just like T-Pose. So the #Directioners have a good reason to protect Louis from Bella

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