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Ariana Grande & Mac Miller Get New Tattoos Together?

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Is Ariana Grande making things officially official between her and Mac with some new ink
Rumors have been flying about ariana grande and Mac Miller dating ever since The Way came out way way back in 2013 well she has officially become a pro at sidestepping awkward questions.
First up I dont know if you heard but Ari and Mac were spotted at the famed Shamrock social Club – which is a tattoo shop in west hollywood… and something tells me they didn’t just happen to run into each other at a tattoo shop.
TMZ is reporting that Ari got the letter A and the venus symbol inked on her hands and mac also got inked and his looks more like an actual design of a horizon.
They took to instagram within a few minutes of each other to show off their new ink which leads me to believe that these two not so secret love birds hang out more than we think!
Although they both don’t make mention of each other in their insta, Ari did however BLUSH in this interview a bit when she was confronted about her and her mac… makeup that is..

Look, I’m no expert on body language but look at her face right after Mac Miller gets brought up.
An insider at e! News claims they aren’t ready to put a label on anything… unless it’s ariana grandes viva glam max lipstick.. then yes. Definitely put a label on that.
Sometimes it’s all about what someone DOESN’T say.
So I’m curious to know what you guys thought of Ariana’s response. so get the conversation going right down here in the comments section, and right after that click right over here to check out some Snapchat Fashion Fails on Dirty Laundry, and be sure to subscribe! Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News and be sure to hit me me up on Twitter and instagram @tomplumley…. I’m TomPlumley and I’ll see you next time.

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