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Ariana Grande INJURED After VMA Performance?

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Ariana Grande injured after her VMA performance, plus she transforms into an actual doll for her new Mac Cosmetics commercial.

Was Ariana Grande injured after her “Side to Side” performance at the VMAs? According to her Snapchat, it certainly looks that way…

Ari took to Snapchat to make a sarcastic joke about getting photographed by the paps looking “REALLY good” while wearing an ankle cast.
Fans flooded her twitter with comments asking what happened and if she was okay, and while Ari didn’t really have an explanation as to how she got injured, she did assure everyone that her ankle was fine, just a little sore. And she did it with the most adorable Snapchat of all time….
Is it me or is a deer that sucked a bunch of helium just seem like the perfect Ariana Grande spirit animal? Despite her minor injury, Ariana is clearly taking it in stride and having a ton of fun in her post VMAs life–and she’s sharing all that fun with her fans on Snapchat and beyond! Check out Ariana’s super fun new Mac cosmetics commercial, where instead of messing around in animal filters, she got a full-on real-life-doll makeover…

She’s living all of our inner 5-year-old dreams in that dollhouse! And as far as commercials go that one totally worked because now all I wanna do is go out and get all of Ari’s Viva Glam products. #TakeMyMoney.

Okay so now it’s time for you guys to let me know what you think about Ari’s doll-inspired mac commercial, and for you to theorize why you think her injured ankle feels better in heels–Calling all makeup gurus and doctors for this one! So sound off in the comments below and then click right here to check out our weekly chat show! And be sure to subscribe! Thanks so much for hanging out with me, I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi and I’ll see you guys next time!

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