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5 Fan Theories About Jack’s This Is Us Death

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For fans of NBC’s ‘This Is Us’ Jack Pearson’s death has been a mystery since episode five. We know he died when the Big Three were teenagers and that Kate isn’t ready to talk about it yet but not much else—and it’s killing us! But die-hard fans have their own theories about what happened so right now, we’re counting down the 5 most popular theories right here on LISTED.

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6 thoughts on “5 Fan Theories About Jack’s This Is Us Death

  1. This is ONE of the best shows on TV in years….Personally, I think it was a illness that took Jack and Miguel just moved closer while they watched Jack deteriorate. Every episode however makes me now keep tissues on hand for sure. Randalls story, beautiful written.

  2. Clevver News is stupid. A) They didn’t spell “clever” correctly. B) They put the script to each video in its caption. Viewers can instead cut to the chase and read the caption and then leave the video before it even finishes. Doesn’t viewer attention/click-off rate factor into how much money they earn? C) They spoil shit all the time in their video titles. How are these missed? Surely, they have a fresh pair of eyes review each video before it’s posted online, I would hope? D) Unless it’s unscripted like most of Beauty Break, their voices are completely monotonous. Even more so, after seeing that I can do a better job reading the script from the caption.

  3. For everyone who’s saying we shouldn’t have clicked on this video if we didn’t want spoilers, the spoiler is right in THE BLOODY TITLE.

  4. Jack deserves better than Rebecca tbh. It seems like Jack showers Rebecca with love and affection and gifts and she takes it for granted. She goes on tour with her ex and leaves Jack with three children, and accuses him of being in the way. On top of that when he dies, she marries HIS BEST FRIEND. What a shitty wife.

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