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5 Celeb Wax Figures Gone HORRIBLY Wrong

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Think again. Madame Tussaud’s museums are world renowned for their celebrity wax figures, but they don’t always have us seeing double. Just this week fans were outraged at the injustice that is Ryan Gosling’s new wax figure in Berlin. Instead of saying “Hey Girl”, the wax figure made us want to run in the opposite direction. Ryan’s usual hotness was replaced with a creepy Joe Dirt lookalike. They seem to have missed the mark with his facial hair and a larger-than-normal forehead.

Berlin also swung and missed when Selena Gomez’s new wax figure appeared. Many fans weren’t sure who they were looking at. Selena, dressed in leather shorts and a sheer white top didn’t quite look like herself. Something about the eye makeup, nose, and coloring made fans believe these are the things nightmares are made of.

Warning, It doesn’t get better from here you guys. An imposter in a pink silk dress claiming to be a Beyonce wax figure lives at Louis Tussaud Waxworks in Niagara Falls, Ontario. When fans got wind of the imposter on Twitter they couldn’t believe the disrespect to Queen Bey. We have to agree the wax figure doesn’t look a single thing like Beyonce, and a lot more like Mariah Carey or Wendy Williams.

In London Justin Bieber’s latest wax figure debuted to mixed reviews. His shirtless (and soaking wet) wax figure is quite possibly the sexiest thing to come from wax, ever.

Justin’s wax figure is a nod to his “Sorry” performance on his Purpose Tour and shows off his glistening abs. The Bieber twin has been criticized for being uncomfortably sexy, but we gotta admit they nailed his style and pouty face.

The most controversial wax figure of them all is Nicki Minaj’s provocative twerking figure in Las Vegas. The rapstress is on her hands and knees imitating a scene from her “Anaconda” music video. Nicki dubbed her new figure “iconic” while the rest of the world was horrified. Not only was the figure incredibly sexist but also didn’t quite look right in the face. Azealia Banks was outraged that the first female rapper wax figure was bent over on all fours.

And it was only a matter of time before drunk Vegas tourists misbehaved with the Nicki lookalike. Madame Tussaud’s later apologized for the misconduct saying, “We are taking immediate steps to ensure more staff are present in this area…”

So which wax figure do you think is the most terrifying of them all? Tell us in the comments and keep it here on Clevver for more

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