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23 Artists Who REJECTED Trump’s Inauguration Invite

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Donald Trump will be sworn in as the President of the United States on January 20th, but not everyone is too thrilled about it, including many of the music industry’s top artists, who have protested by declining an invite to perform at his inauguration, so right now we’re breaking down 21 celebs who’ve refused his invite to perform on the big day, and we’ve got it all right here on Listed.

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5 thoughts on “23 Artists Who REJECTED Trump’s Inauguration Invite

  1. All these liberals think that there little community of California were the
    only people who voted. Guess what? California is not the only state in the
    country. If Hillary was the president then all conservatives would be
    honored to perform at her inauguration but I guess the liberals are too
    stuck up to see that he’s our president and you should be honored to be
    invited. They say “love trumps hate” but go out and smash cars and hurt
    people who vote for him. Forgive me if I’m wrong but isn’t that spreading

  2. I don’t like Donald Trump. He is one of the most controversial presidents
    ever. He always say/does the most nastiest, stupidest, craziest things.
    People say that Obama was the worst president, but I think that isn’t true,
    sure he made some mistakes, but not everyone president is perfect. Obama
    did so much great things like killing Osama Bin Laden, defeating other
    terrorist groups, providing more jobs, making Gay marriage legal, etc. AND
    showing anything is possible for any race. Thanks For Reading if you have.

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