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17 Suspects ARRESTED In Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery Case

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Paris officials have arrested 17 suspects in connection with Kim Kardashian West’ robbery in October of last year.
It looks like we may be getting closer to justice being served.

Over 3 months later, Paris officials have finally arrested suspects that could potentially be connected to Kim K’s horrific robbery from last year. All the suspects were arrested after police performed raids all throughout the Paris region and surrounding areas early in the morning. The prosecutor has confirmed that the suspects can only be held up to 96 hours for questioning. Police said that, “ One of the DNA samples matched an individual known to police for robbery and criminal offences.” Detectives then used the new evidence to tap phones of suspects and track their movements in hopes of finding Kim’s stolen jewelry and other suspects. With the suspects in custody, Kim is expected to watch a video feed in New York City where she must try to identify the robbers. If you don’t recall, five men were involved in the scary robbery. Two of the men gained access to her room where they tied her up, pointed a gun at her, locked her in a bathroom, and stole her jewelry. All of the homes of the suspects are being searched and more raids are supposedly happening as well. E! recently released a promo for Keeping Up With the Kardashians that showed Kim Kardashian West on the verge of tears where she remembers thinking “They’re going to shoot me in the back.” This was the first time we’ve heard her say anything about the incident and we will see and hear more when the show returns in March. It may be hard for Kim to have to go through the process of identifying suspects because she will have to relive those moments, but hopefully it will lead to justice. On a lighter note, Kim is sticking to her word and not flaunting her wealth and wearing such flashy jewelry. In one of her snaps from the weekend, we see Kim wearing a Calabass necklace. TMZ reports that it’s a “custom piece from XIV Carats and sells in the $500 range.” Good to see Kim smiling again.

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8 thoughts on “17 Suspects ARRESTED In Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery Case

  1. There are millions of cases of robbery, but they never have been solved and
    just because she is Kim kardashian the police is doing everything to help!
    No hate! Who else agrees?

    1. +Mariam Malutiku I clicked to leave my comment, they notified me with these
      repeated videos so I say whatever I want

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