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13 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Caught on Camera

Famous people have embarrassing moments from a nip slip caught on camera to Jennifer Lawrence always falling. Awkward!

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7. Janet Jackson
If you were to ask most people what they remember about Super Bowl 38 the answer would certainly not be who was playing that year. During the halftime show performance, there was a split moment where Janet and Justin were performing when he accidentally tore off a piece of her clothing and exposed her breast to 143.6 million people on live television. Sadly, Jackson received an incredible amount of backlash while Timberlake didn’t get the same effect to the degree that she did. Ultimately, this incident was completely blown out of proportion and Janet Jackson did not deserve the harsh treatment that she got.

6. John Travolta
“Uh who?” is exactly what everyone in the audience said when John Travolta introduced Tony winner and Frozen star Idina Menzel as Adele Dazeem right before she performed her Oscar-winning song “Let it Go” at the 2014 Oscars written by the married team of Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Despite having her name completely butchered and introduced as someone else, Menzel obviously “let it go” and killed her performance. Travolta later stated that he actually suffers from Dyslexia and got the letters on the teleprompter confused. It’s okay because Idina later got her “revenge” at the 2015 Oscars.

5. Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence has proven time and time and time again how she’s just a regular person who enjoys eating pizza and swearing like the rest of us. She’s like America’s awkward clumsy angel who can do no wrong. Boy, did she show us just how clumsy she is at the 2013 Oscars. As she was announced the winner in the Best Actress category, Lawrence made her way to the stage where she tripped and fell flat on the stairs. Gracefully, she picked herself up and accepted her award. Jennifer became the second youngest woman to win an Oscar at the age of 22.

4. Fergie
Ah, who could forget this iconic photo of Fergie performing at a Black Eyed Peas concert? It was back in 2005 that this unfortunate accident occurred and will forever live on because this is the Internet and nothing ever dies on here. Fortunately, enough time has passed and The Duchess has gotten over her most embarrassing moment. She explained that she was rushed onstage to perform before she had the chance to use the restroom, along with the combination of her adrenaline. As the group was singing “Let’s Get It Started”, her full bladder emptied itself and left her mortified. But, hey, she’s now married to Josh Duhamel so she ultimately gets the last laugh.

3. Justin Bieber
Let’s face it. The Canadian pop star has had his fair share of embarrassing and downright bizarre moments, especially from all his ridiculous shenanigans. We could honestly do an entire video just solely based on all the material we could work with. But one of them definitely sticks out and comes to mind when you think of “embarrassing Justin Bieber moments.” It was during the first show of his 2012 Believe tour that the singer ended up tossing his cookies mid-way through the Glendale, Arizona concert. He later took to Twitter to explain that he had too much milk before the show.

2. Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen, new mother, loving wife, successful model, author, and queen of Twitter clapbacks. Basically, a flawless human being. Well, just a couple weeks ago, Chrissy Teigen walked the red carpet at the 2016 American Music Awards with her husband John Legend. Teigen donned a black dress with two dangerously high slits on the side. Apparently, she ended up suffering from a wardrobe malfunction and her dress had to be held in place by, not one but, two safety pins. She also showed the paparazzi a little too much skin when she made a specific turn and exposed herself. Her priceless face says it all. No worries! We still love you, Chrissy.

1. Ashlee Simpson
On October 23, 2004, an event that took place on the SNL stage would forever go down in infamy. Simpson was the musical guest on the show that week, which is a pretty big deal, and had just performed her first song “Pieces of Me.” Just as she was about to play her second song “Autobiography”, the recorded lyrics to “Pieces of Me” began to play and revealed that she had lip-synced her earlier performance. She then proceeded to do an Irish jig and then walked off the stage in a panic, all while being filmed on live television. In all of the show’s 41 years, Simpson is the only musical guest to ever do so.

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