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11 Times Celebs Shaded Taylor Swift’s Squad

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The word squad existed before Taylor Swift ever had one, but for some reason, haters gotta hate and there have been more than a few times celebs have straight up dissed Taylor and her squad. So, here are 11 times celebs shaded Taylor Swift’s squad right here on Listed.

1) Demi Lovato
2) Miley Cyrus
3) Nicki Minaj
4) Katy Perry
5) Camilla Bella
6) Chloe Grace Moretz
7) Troian Bellasario
8) Zendaya
9) Kendall Jenner
10) Rowan Blanchard
11) Rihanna

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5 thoughts on “11 Times Celebs Shaded Taylor Swift’s Squad

  1. Taylor is an adult. She should stop making a victim out of herself.
    Everyone gets hate and she just can’t handle it. And her squad…I am sure
    she is friends with some of them like Selena or Karlie but I think it was
    created for publicity…

  2. Why these people(especially Demi) really care about Taylor squad? I mean
    not only Taylor have friends right? Sure they have too. Taylor just so
    appreciate her friendship and that’s why she always talk about her squad.
    That’s all.

  3. I hate when people say other celebrities or haters are jealous of Taylor’s
    squad. Why would we be jealous of a fake squad when the rest of them are
    just followers. I rather have one true friend then be in that illuminati

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