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10 Inappropriate Celebrity Hook-Ups Caught On Camera

top 10 celebrities who show the most public display of affection
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Public display of affection; better known as simply PDA, is something that most of us do at some point of being in a relationship. The concept of PDA was initially seen as something that only those of a lower class would do, as society rules of the past heavily emphasized self-control in public as a sign of power and wealth. However, this idea of PDA has gone to the wayside as time goes on and society embraces open and free affection, regardless of who the people are. While we encounter PDA from people, if we’re not committing it ourselves, it can sometimes be slightly awkward or uncomfortable. But the stigma of discomfort is thankfully reducing as society progresses and becomes more accepting.
When you care about someone, sometimes you don’t want to have to hold back your feelings when you go out in public. On a similar note, but with different kinds of feelings, if you’re hot enough about someone, you don’t want to keep your hands off them for even a second. Thus, you are completely okay with getting hot and heavy in public, no matter who is looking. When you’re a celebrity, PDA seems to be amplified multiple times because you have the press and the paparazzi are clamoring to get that token shot that will make them some money. Regardless of what one thinks about public displays of affection, these famous people are certainly happy and don’t care what the rest of us normal/non famous people think.

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