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2 thoughts on “?Celebrity Branding Oprah Style Facebook Secrets

  1. Love your message! You are a strong woman! For years, I also struggle with
    coping with the aftereffects of abuse. Because I was abused by my father
    when I was young and my mother emotionally abused me for years after my
    father was arrested, I was in this prison of mine, locking myself up to the
    world. I used to work in Singapore Prison Service which I always used that
    to humour people. For example, I would say to people that I was imprisoned
    without committing anything against the law. Or I would say that I have
    already stepped into the coffin.. Usually people would look at me with this
    very confused look. If they asked me what I meant, I would explain. If they
    don’t, I would just stay very quiet. Anyway, off topic. Keep on inspiring
    people with the work you are doing!

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